Badges to Get Families Outside

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Plum Landing’s brand new Outdoor Adventures feature just launched. It offers kids a choice of 12 outdoor missions which they draw and describe for publication on the site.

Every submission wins a custom digital badge for its creator and each logged-in user can save their image and their badges.

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The site launched a couple of days ago and already has had nearly 2,000 submissions.

The drawings are completed with the newly updated version of out HTML5 drawing tool.

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The badging team includes Melissa, Bill, Tara, Dan, Kit, Stefan, Sylvia and Marisa.

More Martha

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Martha’s gone mobile! We’ve just launched a redesigned mobile site with 5 games, a video player for watching even more Martha and a direct link to the complete set of Martha’s True Stories! So, whether you want to check out a video, play hide & seek with puppies or find out all about the invention of gum, Martha’s got you covered where ever you go.

WHAT? You can play hide and seek with puppies? You bet! in Martha’s latest game, Martha Seeks, you’re on the hunt with a pack of puppies looking for some seriously yummy buried treats.

Speaking of treats… in case you missed it, earlier this summer Martha got to design her own game! It’s called, Martha’s Steaks. Where else could you fulfill Martha’s doggy dreams by helping her friends leap, glide and somersault to catch treats in a side-scrolling skyscape full of meaty goodness?

And who gets the reward snacks? Meet the teams:

Martha Seeks: Bharat, Belinda, Jeff, Katie, Laura

Mobile: Tara, Kal, Gentry, Bharat, Dennis, Laura

Martha Steaks: Bharat, Fran, Belinda, Karina, Laura

DxB Conference

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Coming up, DxB Boston. “Design Exchange Boston (DxB) is a two-day design and innovation conference dedicated to celebrating the impact of design. The DxB experience explores the ideas, work, and strategies currently shaping our culture.”

Speakers include Bill and Dave Peth and with some familiar faces in the planning of this event.

Boston Games Forum

Photo Credit: Tara Taylor

Photo Credit: Tara Taylor

Jeff presented the forthcoming Arthur App at the Boston Games Forum Demo Night at the Microsoft Center in Cambridge, MA.

The Boston Games Forum is self-described as organization dedicated to supporting Boston’s game industry. From game developers to designers to creatives and investors, the Forum provides a platform for those interested in the creation of games to connect and learn.Here are the upcoming game forum events listed:   

Jeff presented alongside these other presenters:

OBEY by The Lo-Fi Apocalypse

OBEY is a competitive multiplayer action game inspired by authoritarian systems of power. Win using stealth, intelligence, trickery and creativity against your opponents.

Hard Lander by Soulareus (Presented by BareHand)
Hard lander is a physics based local multiplayer game designed for up to 4 players to duke it out in the most advanced rocket acrobatics simulation! You can also master your rocket acrobatics in single player challenges.

Play: Hard Lander

Breakers Yard by Protophant
Breakers Yard is a roguelike dual-stick shooter set in a junkyard world taken over by fierce breeds of robots.To survive you must cobble together the best weaponry you can on the fly.

Play: Breakers Yard

Codename Cygnus by Reactive Studios
Codename Cygnus is a voice operated interactive audio drama inspired by old time radio serials. Players take on the role of a secret agent in an interactive spy thriller story using speech input for progression.

Play: Codename Cygnus