Peep’s Feet

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Jump! Spin! Jump! Spin! Jump! Spin! Uh oh, don’t get too dizzy! Come dance with Peep and his friends in this silly pattern game.

Children will love helping Peep jump and jive by figuring out what dance moves come next in each repeating pattern. As kids successfully complete each level, the patterns will become more complex and prompt children to select the right move from an even larger selection of icons. Throughout the game, children will also have the opportunity to make different dances by creating their own patterns!

By identifying and understanding basic patterns, children will begin to learn important skills needed for later math proficiencies, such as algebra. Encourage your child to not only watch Peep and his friends dance through the pattern, but to get up and dance along! You can also try finding patterns together at home or in your backyard.

The game is presented in HTML5 in English and Spanish was produced by Laura and the PEEP team.

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Apprentice Learning at GBH


WGBH Education launched another round of the WGBH Apprenticeship program, in partnership with Apprentice Learning, a local non-profit that arranges hands-on apprenticeships for Boston Public School eighth graders.

This year, WGBH welcomes 18 eighth graders from The Jackson Mann School in Brighton. A series of six on-site sessions, each led by a different WGBH department will take place over the coming weeks.

The students will learn from our National Center for Accessible Media, WGBH News, the Production Group, Digital Education, Children’s Programming, and Marketing and Communications.


Where does Arthur deliver? Here!


This fast-moving HTML5 game has players helping Arthur and his friends running a bike delivery operation. It’s our first original game for PBS KIDS’s new Kart Kingdom virtual world and players can enjoy power-ups (or powers-up) as they play. Or they can just enjoy the game at the ARTHUR website.

The game was produced by Gentry with Jeff and Alex, with thanks also to Melissa, Dennis and Kal.

Where’s Waldo? Here!


Our new ARTHUR game just launched!

In Waldo Loves Muffy, players use logic to help Waldo (Muffy’s long-forgotten imaginary friend) find his way back to her, collecting as many hearts as you can along the way. But there are dangerous obstacles: creepy eyeball creatures, tiny passages, and dead ends abound. Players place pieces into the game to turn Waldo left, right, and diagonally; and to help him get past the obstacles. For added fun, guide Waldo to the magic hat, which transforms him into Cowboy Waldo, Elvis Waldo, Sherlock Waldo, and more!

This addicting HTML5 game was produced by Gentry with Jeff and Dennis.